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mironline is a platform that has been developed based on the Make It Real! book series but with other contexts, situations and interactions that will allow students to make the most of the system and technologies to practice the English language.

English to many fields of study

mironline offers modules to develop English for the fields of Agriculture, Environment, Construction, Engineering, Computing, Electronics, Economics, Administration, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Follow up the students’ progress

Now you will be able to consult the progress on grammar, vocabulary, skills-work activities, correct answers, wrong answers and even the number of attempts. This way it will be easier for you to identify the areas that need more practice or the ones that are stronger.

Ludic practice

The activities in mironline are levels that must be unlocked and students cannot move on to the next level until getting 2 or 3 stars; this way you just have to be worried about following up the progress.

The power of the web's top technologies

working together on your mironline activities

1) Please visit sketchfab.com to know if your device is compatible with VR function.

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General English demo

The musculoskeletal system

English for Health Sciences demo

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